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At that moment his arm was touched by a soldier in undress uniform, who had come up the hatchway. What is it?”

You can save it if you like.”

The sound of a human voice broke the spell of terror that was on the child, and as the glow from the fire fell upon the tattered yellow garments, she guessed at once the whole story. Not so Maurice Frere. He saw before him a new danger, a new mouth to share the scanty provision, and snatching a brand from the fire he kept the convict at bay. But Rufus Dawes, glaring round with wolfish eyes, caught sight of the damper resting against the iron kettle, and made a clutch at it. Frere dashed the brand in his face. Stand back!” he cried. We have no food to spare!”

Ha!” said North, looking wildly round upon them. That’s better.”

Still she persisted, with tears streaming from her eyes, with white arms upraised, on her knees even, catching at his coat, and beseeching him in broken accents. In her wild, fierce beauty and passionate abandonment she might have been a deserted Ariadne — a suppliant Medea. Anything rather than what she was — a dissolute, half-maddened woman, praying for the pardon of her convict husband.

Yes, fine enough.”

I will not stay here longer,” said she. Let us go to-morrow.”

There is nothing in the bargain to prevent me helping him to escape!” she said with a smile.


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